Double-ownership of houses at Arandis a headache

ARANDIS Town Council may have a heavy legal dispute and potentially costly legal claims on its hands over disputed ownership of a number of houses at the town, which had been resold or leased out after the previous owners could not be traced. The case of Anna Awases, who provided Confidente with a copy of the deed of sale in terms of which she bought the house from the municipality is not an isolated case, says Angelika !Gases, a member of the Arandis Concerned Group. Awases recently received notice from the municipality to vacate the house she says she bought, as the previous owner intends to take possession of the property. It is understood that around 38 households are affected by the problem and that the Office of the Ombudsman has taken up the issue with regard to three pertinent cases, which !Gases described as “serious”. Awases last week said she was informed by letter that the house would be reclaimed by the previous owner and that she had to leave the premises in June. She says she bought the house from Arandis Town Council through the Build Together scheme after the owners had gone missing for many years.