Starving Ovahimba villagers reduced to beggary

FOR six months now, Ovahimba people at the village of Otjivero in Kunene region have been forced to rely on food offered to them by NamPower workers working on a nearby electricity line from Orotjitombo Primary School to Omaundu Primary School. One of the workers on the project, a millwright, told Confidente that Ovahimba people in the area come to their tents to beg for food and this includes people of all ages and a lot of them look visibly famished. “They come here begging us for food but we only give them when we have, because we are also struggling,” the worker said, adding that some of the Ovahimba were employed on the project to dig holes but ended up leaving the job saying they were too hungry. “But if we buy them food they start coming to work because there is food. Those who don’t work on the project also come and eat here.