'Raped' at 11, mother defends suspect

A mother whose 15-year-old daughter was allegedly sexually abused and raped by her boyfriend over a period of nearly five years has reportedly blamed the teenager for it, saying the child seduced her abuser. The mother also encouraged her boyfriend (the father of her youngest child, a boy aged 1 year and eight months) to go for therapy but turned a blind eye to her traumatised daughter’s well-being. The mother allegedly said she had worked hard on the relationship and was not willing to leave and was allegedly prepared to continue her relationship with the man accused of repeatedly raping her only daughter. This came amid shocking revelations in the Windhoek Magistrates Court on Tuesday by renowned social worker Dr Veronica Theron, who assessed the reported rape victim and spoke at length with the girl and her parents last month. Theron works as special advisor in the Office of the First Lady, heading up the anti-gender-based violence programme. Theron was giving her account before Magistrate Linus Samunzala during the bail hearing of Tobias Mareko (36), who faces a charge of rape following nearly five years of allegedly repeatedly raping his girlfriend’s daughter in a home they shared in Windhoek.