Sport Ministry ‘quietly appoints’ boxing board

The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service has  allegedly“secretly” appointed new members to the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB), with Dr Philip Mwandingi, a labour consultant promoted to chairperson of the new board, replacing Ellison Hijarunguru. Other board members elected to serve on the new board – according to sources with knowledge of the latest developments – include John Kaimbi, Timo Haikonda and Hendricks Mapele. Mwandingi was deputy chairperson of the old board under Hijarunguru appointed in 2016 by then sport minister Jerry Ekandjo on a three-year term. Confidente is reliably informed that the line ministry also asked renowned boxing promoter Nestor Sunshine Tobias, founder of MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing & Fitness Academy, to put forward names for the new board after the old board’s term of office came to an end on 5 September.