Heath tender bidders warned

THE Ministry of Health and Social Services has warned prospective bidders of health tenders who have been making contact with the Ministry’s staff members to influence bid outcomes that they risk debarment, rejection, suspension and disqualification in terms of section 68 of the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act, 15 of 2015). This week, Benetus Nangombe, Executive Director in the Health Ministry revealed that some bidders had made contact with staff members in his Ministry with the purpose of exerting undue influence or to threaten them during the submission and adjudication of procurement bids. “We would like to strongly caution prospective bidders who are making themselves guilty of this conduct to cease  and desist from this practice forthwith,” Nangombe said further advising bidders to acquaint themselves with the Standard Bid Documents and the Instruction to Bidders which stipulates that if a bidder wishes to contact the Ministry on any matter related to the bidding process from the time of bid opening to the time of contract award, he or she should do so in writing with all correspondences addressed to the accounting officer.