Rössing slow to publish study on cancer rates among workers

A former spokesperson for Rio Tinto in Namibia has strongly denied that the global mining giant was withholding the findings of its long-range study on the impact of radiation on the health of mineworkers. The study included the medical records all workers employed at Rössing Uranium Mine since 1976. In response to follow-up questions from Confidente, the new managing director of Rössing, Johan Coetzee, at the end of 2019 said he was hopeful that they would be able to start briefing their employees early in 2020. Rössing, the oldest open-pit uranium mine in the world was sold in mid-2019 to a Chinese state-owned firm, China National Uranium Corporation Ltd (CNUC), for what appeared to be a fraction of its worth, raising questions as to why Rio Tinto would sell one of its prized jewels at fire-sale prices.