Miss Namibia 2015 is on Survivor’s island of secrets

By Confidente Reporter

MISS Namibia 2015 Steffi Brink has been revealed as one of the contestants on one of Mnet’s hit reality shows, Sur- vivor: Island of Secrets. According to Brink’s Survivor entry video on YouTube, she is living her childhood dream of being on Survivor.
“I still remember watching the Ultimate Survivor with Bear Grills, thinking to myself that I can do it, because obstacles really excite me,” she said. Brink went on to say that survival instincts kick in when a person is placed in isolation, con- fronted by conflict, pushed past their limits and when a person is hungry. She is also adamant that she will be a winner, because her dog listens to her – sometimes.“I live for the thrill of the game and I know I’m a winner. I’m an undercover blonde, I am a descendant of Eve, and my natural instincts are on level 1000. I just want to meet people from different walks of life and have fun, “Brink said.

Although the sports fanatic was born and bred in Namibia, Brink currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa as works as a fitness model and trainer. She is married to actor Clint Brink and has her eyes fixed on the R1 million prize money.

Survivor South Africa returned to screens in 2018 after a four-year hiatus and immediately proved itself to be one of the most exciting editions in the international Survivor franchise. The show will be hoping to emulate that success when the seventh season premieres on M-Net on Thursday 16 May.

The upcoming season, titled Is- land of Secrets, will see 21 castaways battle it out on the islands of Samoa for 39 days for a shot at the grand prize and the title of “Ultimate Survivor.” While M-Net has remained tight-lipped about the mysterious Island of Secrets twist, the cast has been described as “a diverse group

of strong-willed individuals who believe they know the ins and outs of the greatest game on earth.”

“We handpicked fascinating, multi-faceted personalities from a variety of professions and age groups who are not all they seem to be on the surface. It’s going to be a social experiment of note to observe how they manoeuvre through the conflicts that are bound to arise,” said M-Net head of publicity Lani Lombard.

Eight of these fresh-faced cast- aways were revealed on outdoor billboards across South Africa, including Brink. Earlier in the year Brink and her husband were held at gunpoint. Clint Brink at the time took to Twitter to talk about the or- deal, writing, “So 2019 kicked off withabang.MywifeandIanda few patrons at Woolworths/Engen in Midrand just got help up at gun- point by 4 men. [sic]” He assured his followers though that he and his wife were “fine and unharmed”.