Political maturity, prerequisites for power transfer

By Brain Xamseb 

OME sections of radicalized Namib- ian Youths have been calling out the current SWAPO Party leadership to 

retire and make room for them to take over on the basis of their youthfulness versus the advanced age of the leadership whom they opine are out of tune with the political and socio-economic realities and challenges of present-day Namibia. However, as prov- en by last week’s SONA 2019 and Haram- bee Prosperity Plan (HPP) accountability delivery by President Hage Geingob, the radicalized Youths are lightyears behind in matching the profound intellectual insight and political maturity of the President and his generation.

Correspondingly, they lack the required national credentials to build a successful unified nation, as demonstrated by the generation represented by the Founding Father, President Sam Nujoma, Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Presi- dent Hage Geingob. These leaders and their generations have been deeply conscious of the fact that successful nations are built by all inhabitants (by all Namibian com- munities) within a country’s borders, who are striving towards a common purpose of development, as opposed to one tribe, vil- lage and region. Similarly, the radicalized Youths seem to be flagrantly and alarmingly “regressively” inward looking, Namibia-is- land centric isolationists & ignoramuses: because they are not consummate history & contemporary literature readers, and thus lacking depth and understanding on geo- political issues; global capitalist or socialist economic theories on labour, production and market; Namibia’s political economy, and positioning on the regional, continental and global geopolitical, economic, security and strategic stratums. When, they claim having degrees as political scientists, law- yers and accountants, and MBA graduates, it is from the myopic prism of their tribal, regional, emotional and xenophobic orien- tations, which are surprisingly influenced by underlying Afrikaaner driven Facebook racism. This equate the radicalized Youth section to the negative connotations of the phrase “educated or half educated fools.” 

It will be extremely difficult if not impos- sible, for such Youths with serious histori- cal, intellectual and life view deficiencies to take up the leadership mantle from the likes of the unifying nation builders such as Pres- ident Hage Geingob, who with the recent SONA 2019 and the HPP Accountability Report set the bar for effective governance, transparency and accountability much higher for future administrations to em- ulate. For the first time, in Namibia’s gov- ernance history do we have a WHOA effect 

moment; a governance process of transpar- ent targets in crucial sectors on which basis government’s promises in terms of success or failure can be tracked and judged objec- tively by all citizens. Even the self-declared arch nemesis of the President Geingob, the Namibian Newspaper had to reluctantly acknowledge this fact. Therefore, the end is approaching fast for sweeping statements such as that everything is crumbling in Namibia, as poverty, crime and unemploy- ment soars unchecked. For many peace loving Namibians who are genuinely inter- ested in the country’s effective governance and future wellbeing, a more effective strat- egy is that areas of failure on land, housing, crime and unemployment are identified through the HPP, and the right people hold accountable instant. This is what is called evidence-based, and solutions oriented governance, as opposed to sweeping – gen- eralizations or “street/shebeen talk.” 

As to the radicalized Youths who dai- ly tout their youthfulness as a basis for the current leadership that they refer to as ancestors to retire, and for them to take- over political power, there is a phrase that says “age does not matter: an open mind does.” Thus, it will benefit Namibia zilch, except great harm, to have reactionary de- scendants with closed simpleton minds as leaders. For illustration, a SWAPO Youth League functionary was recently heard at the Party’s 59 year Anniversary lecture in Ondangwa, under the theme: The Rele- vance of SWAPO Party, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, complaining that Govern- ment is giving their jobs to foreigners who get all tenders. Coming, from a SPYL func- tionary who is supposed to be schooled in the liberation history of SWAPO and also in dialectical reasoning and analysis, specif- ically historical materialism, this is abysmal. Most disappointingly, he portrays the types of closed minded reactionary descendants who will certainly complicate the process of leadership and power transfer to Youths. Have this youth leader ask himself perti- nent questions before issuing publically and with much audacity such xenophia infused baloney? Or is it a question of having mere- ly jumped on the bandwagon of the current rabble-rousing anti-Chinese propaganda in the country as it appears popular and truth- ful to him and his adherents? 

Before one makes statements such as Chinese are taking over in this country, as a progressive SPYL youth, you should famil- iarize yourself with the real facts. In fact ask yourself in Mao Tse Tung’s words, “Who are our enemies? And who are our friends” and proceed to borrow a leaf from his quote that, “To distinguish real friends from real enemies, we must make a general analysis of the economic status of the various classes 

in Chinese society and of their respective attitudes towards the revolution.” In this way, this SPYL descendant, as part of the vanguard of the ruling SWAPO Party will stay clear from leading the masses astray, and from betraying the history, tradition and progressivity of this great Party with his idealism. Applying, the Mao logic fur- ther ask yourself: How many Chinese are really in the country to take over, and pre- cisely taking over what, Namibia’s political power or economy? Politically, the facts are that without a registered Chinese political party and registered Chinese voter presence in great numbers (only 3000 Chinese are in Namibia), the claimed take-over fear is indeed only a disease called phobia, a mere far-fetched figment of foolish imagination. If the meaning is to take over the economy, an informed descendant must first do a prior objective study of the Namibian eco- nomic landscape, the key actors and their attitudes to Namibia’s second Struggle of economic emancipation. He/she will then stumble on the evidences that the Namibi- an economy is historically about 80% South African business dominated, and that the attitude of this dominant class towards economic emancipation of Namibians is negative, as reflected in fierce organized re- sistance towards NEEEF and scapegoating so-called government corruption for their spirited resistance. The descendant will then ask what this ownership means in tangible terms and how it influences his livelihood and that of fellow descendants. The answer will be that all the key economic sectors such as retail and wholesale, tourism, trans- port and logistics, fisheries, manufacturing, agriculture, property and hotels, mining, finance including banks are 80% owned by South African companies. These 80% owners are the real bosses of the Namibi- an economy and determine on a daily basis as to who gets employment, economic op- portunity, private-sector tender, or a house, car or study loan in Namibia. The descend- ant will then realize that the remaining 20% economic ownership is per estimates shared as follows: 12% owned by local white people (of which most share the same atti- tude as the 80% owners from South Africa), 3% by black Namibians such as the Aupa Indongos (whose business benefited and grew from historical supplier relationships with the South African companies) and local SMEs (which are having a hard-time to survive due to an absolute market com- mand by South Africans, and an unequal & hostile playing field), and 5% by foreigners (including Chinese, Indians and others, who at least are amendable to partnerships with local Namibians, which partnerships are denounced as corruption by the recal- citrant 92% haves). This will make the de- 

scendants to conclude that if they succeed in the objective of expelling the Chinese out of Namibia, with much energy, and at a pro- hibitively high political cost which will be a irreparable eclipse Namibia’s development agenda (because as self-declared China hat- ers and enemies, Namibia will not be able to export its uranium and other products to China which is the global fastest growing market, nor buy cheaper inputs for manu- facturing or trade with it-), as they will still only add 3% to their existing 3% economic ownership, whereas 92% still remain out- side their reach. The descendants will sim- ilarly realize that road and office construc- tion is only a small portion (coupled with another small portion in retail) which the Chinese wrestled away not through corrup- tion but efficiencies and higher productivity levels. Not from Rehoboth Basters as inac- curately claimed by one revisionist RDP politician, enroute to the political junkyard, (since the Basters and other black Namibi- ans have historically being merely job takers and sub-contractors, and not owners of big construction companies), but from South African companies such as the Group Five, Aveng Group, Reubex, WBHO, Stefanutti Stocks and others with subsidiaries in Na- mibia. 

Armed with this first-hand evidence, the descendants will therefore rationally and not emotionally conclude that the Chinese take-over narrative and that everything wrong in Namibia has a Chinese origin theory. This is groundless media generat- ed hype, being repeatedly highlighted on a daily basis and sensationally by the media to sell news, and fueled by foreign country competitors of China and by the 92% Chi- nese competition fearing shadow owners of the Namibian economy. These groups are the ones who have decided to put the naïve and superstitious indigenous descendants, lacking in rational analytical capacity, on an eternal ghost witch-hunt to kingdom come, to deflect from the reality on the ground. The descendants will also grasp that the Government has never changed the law for the Chinese as claimed propagan- distically, and that the same laws applying to any other errant Namibian, German or Afrikaaner in Namibia equally applies to errant Chinese. The best option is to work together with the non-errant likeminded ones, just as we are working together with the non-errant Afrikaners and Germans. At last, some descendants will have by now understood why Government is pushing for an economic empowerment strategy called NEEEF as part of the economic rev- olution, and will start to support it vigor- ously and put their energy and focus in the right place. 

Continues in the next edition