Enough with football politics

 FOOTBALL administrators have hopefully  learned a few lessons from the fiasco that  unfolded a few years ago that eventually  saw some officials excommunicated from the  Namibia Football Association (NFA), simply  for their arrogance and for thinking the national  football body was their own little toddler.  The mandate of the current International Federation  of Football Associations (FIFA)-appointed  Normalisation Committee (NC) is crystal  clear and it’s best that the NC sticks to its mandate.  If memory serves me well, the NC was to  primarily deal with organising the election of the  NFA executive members and eventually schedule  the much-needed NFA elective congress.  It seems that instead of concentrating on the  positive mandate they were given, there were a  number of administrative problems that needed  to be dealt with swiftly, which in turn delayed  the organising of elections for members.  However, surprisingly we have lately learned  that a large number of NFA members are not in  good standing and have not held elections yet,  plus some don’t have the required constitution –  which is a conditional requirement.  To get back to the crux of the matter: it’s good  the NFA NC handles the administrative arm of  the association, which I think is being led by a  sub-committee. With that said, I suggest that the  ultimatum given to the members should pave  the way for the needed members’ election, and if  there are members that don’t want to cooperate,  get rid of them, period!  Local football has for years been haunted by  infighting, back-stabbing and factionalism. Now  we have an opportunity to effect the sorely needed  sea-change in the administration of the game  – simply said, a new lease of life in the operations  of the NFA.  Let the NC concentrate on more important issues,  such as participation of the national senior  team in the regional Council of Southern African  Football Association (COSAFA) Cup, the  Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), African Nations  Championship (CHAN) and FIFA World  Cup qualifiers later this year.  We also have the junior national football teams  scheduled to compete in the regional competitions,  and the annual local Scorpion Zinc Cup  and Debmarine Cup, and I sincerely hope that  the NC has engaged these football partners to  ensure the tournaments take place this year.  It’s important for the NC to refrain from  squabbling with NFA members and frankly  concentrate on organising the elective congress.  For the NC to be seen in altercations with NFA  members will not augur well with the corporate  sector and might have ramifications for the future  of the Scorpion Zinc and the Debmarine  tourneys.  We want results not unnecessary delays, for  which extensions of office would need to be  sought. I personally think that administratively,  a lot has already been achieved and the focus  now should be on arranging the member elections.  In fact, giving the members a month to  have internal elections is a waste of time. Let us  see results through action and commitment and  ensure the NC is not languishing in comfort but  seen to be working to have the NFA functional  with sound governance.  The bottom line is this: NFA members, get  your individual elections rolling or face the axe,  it’s important that the elective congress is held.