‘A disgrace and waste of talent’ says King Tee Dee

 …As Exit diss track backfires 
EXIT wanted beef and he got  exactly what he asked for.  Last week the local Kwaito  artist went on an Instagram story  rant, calling out Gazza and King  Tee Dee for not retiring and leaving  the industry to make way for  emerging talent.  He also released a diss track,  which features Kaimbi, and although  he says many things in  the song, what stood out is that  he is supposedly giving King Tee  Dee and Gazza 29 days to retire.  At first, both King Tee Dee and  Gazza didn’t pay any attention to  the rant.  Exit then continued, writing  that King Tee Dee and Gazza both  influenced him and this generation  of Namibian artists and that  he was grateful to them but he  also insisted that there is a new  generation of artists like Young  T, M-Jay, D-Kandjafa and many  more.  “Allow us to influence our generation  in peace my guys, so we  also give a chance to somebody  else to influence the next generation,”  Exit argued.  He then posted “My Father  Lord, who art in heaven, we pray  that our SWAPO money does not  go to waste, please give it to EXIT.”  This may be in reference to the  N$5 million that was supposedly  paid to King Tee Dee and Gazza  by the ruling party a few years ago  ahead of an election campaign.  As usual, King Tee Dee had  some words of his own and posted  a lengthy statement on Facebook  to get back at Exit. He wrote that  Exit should start using condoms  and get himself checked before he  makes too many kids, which he  might not be able to afford.  “Get something better to do  that will build you, it has been  two years I haven’t released an album  and I am doing fine and still  breathing well. What did you do  in those two years I was not in the  game, you could have taken advantage  of that and go to the top,  but you were busy with drugs and  alcohol and girls. Brokeness got  you depression." (sic)  “Being broke isn’t a joke especially  when you claim to be a hustler  but you still stay at your mamma’s  house at the age of 30 and  still take taxi. Go hard or go home  and now you never went hard so  you went home. Use a condom,  drink water and stay safe."  “Mr Rockwhatever, sorry that  you are depressed we can help you  and see you at the 28 09 19 if you  have value by then, Mushe is hustlers  not you. What a disgrace and  waste of talent,” Tee Dee rebutted.  Exit collaborated with King Tee  Dee on one of his tracks, titled  ‘Go Hard or Go Home’, as well as  with Gazza on a track titled ‘To Ti  Ngaa’. We can only hope these artists  resolve their issues soon and  get back to the music.