Your vote really matters

THE 2019 South African General Elections will be historic. The South Africans who currently reside in Namibia for various reasons have voted on Saturday 27 April 2019. What a privilege.

It was on the Freedom Day, which is the most vital holiday in the history of Mzansi. The South African High Commission which is located in Windhoek, Klein Windhoek amicably accommodated all the citizens who validly registered to vote for their parties of choice.

Indeed we had the most peaceful and joyful time on the day. I would like to take this moment and thank the entire Namibian nation for the love and friendly support.

It is of great necessity and very much essential for me to humbly beseech my fellow South Africans who will be voting on the 8th of May, that they may hold the elections with both peace and joy.

I also urge them to take the good example of Namibia, which is one of the most peaceful African countries. Fellow South Africans, time is meant to be tasted not to be wasted.

Dear youth, it is an hour now for us to wake up from sleep, for the future of our country is in your hands. Your vote is the foundation for the transformation of our nation. Finally, I would like to wish the Namibian nation the most fruitful and peaceful elections, come November 2019.


Dzinisa Ngcongo, Windhoek